NDNA Accolades

Hall of Fame

The North Dakota Newspaper Association Hall of Fame recognizes leaders in the newspaper industry and their communities who have made significant contributions of leadership to the association.

The first inductee into the NDNA Hall of Fame, in 1933, was Norman B. Black, publisher of the Fargo Forum.  William C. Marcil, inducted in 2005, is also the publisher of that same newspaper. Marcil’s wife, Jane, is the granddaughter of Norman B. Black and daughter of Norman D. Black Jr., a 1986 inductee into the NDNA Hall of Fame. Between them are 47 other North Dakota publishers and editors who have contributed significantly to the success of NDNA and the newspaper industry in North Dakota.

Prior to 2000, inductees into the Hall of Fame were required to be deceased for at least two years. Since 2000, living members are also allowed the place of honor.

Members of NDNA are invited annually to nominate persons for the Hall of Fame. A committee of NDNA Past Presidents reviews nominations and presents its recommendations to the NDNA Board of Directors which must approve inductees by a 75% vote of affirmation.

Photos of the members of the Hall of Fame are displayed at the School of Communication at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks.

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NDNA Presidents

Since its establishment in 1886 when A.C. Jordan of the Fargo Republican assumed its presidency, many other newspaper publishers and editors have led the North Dakota Newspaper Association.

The title of Honorary President has been afforded to Edward J. Franta (1955) who was the association’s long-time (and part-time) secretary/manager; Paul Schmidt (1971), a former publisher who later served as manager of the association; and William Fischer (1975) a long-time publisher who sold his newspaper shortly before he was to become NDNA president.

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50 Year Club

Beginning in 1952, the North Dakota Newspaper Association has recognized annually those persons who have been involved in all aspects of newspapering for 50 years – including publishers, editors, reporters, correspondents, printers and others who all toiled to make their newspapers the best they could be.

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