Standards of Acceptance


Copy and payment must be received in the NDNA office by noon Tuesday of the week preceding the week of insertion. copy must be e-mailed, faxed or mailed. No telephone orders will be accepted. Use the above form to e-mail ad copy to NDNA. Late copy will automatically be used the following week. Please call ahead for holiday weeks since they may require early deadlines.


This is strictly a cash operation to keep costs at a minimum. Please remit the total amount of $160.00 plus $5.00 for each word over 25. Make checks payable to North Dakota Newspaper Association. Visa, MasterCard & PayPal also accepted.

Word Count Method

Telephone numbers, including area code, constitute one word. Addresses: each part of an address is counted as one word. Ex. 1500 N. State Street is four words. PO Box 500 is three words. The name of the city, state, and zip code each count as one word. Hyphenated or slash-marked words count as two words. Web sites and e-mail addresses are one word each.


We automatically capitalize all letters in the first three words of each ad. No special typesetting instructions are allowed.


Typographical errors will result in a "make-good" of the ad in the paper(s) that ran the error..


This statewide program involves 88 newspapers for a circulation of approximately 175,000 in all counties of the state.

Proof of Publication

The NDNA office will monitor each newspaper in the statewide classified ad program. No tearsheets will be provided unless one is requested prior to the ad running. For multiple tearsheet requests, contact the NDNA office for options and pricing.

Specific Restrictions

  • NDNA and its members reserve the right to reject and/or edit any ad that is deceptive, offensive, not in compliance with state and federal regulations, or otherwise unacceptable. ALL ADS MUST PASS PRIOR APPROVAL.
  • No work-at-home advertisements unless reviewed & accepted by NDNA.
  • Business opportunity and investment advertising must disclose the type of business and the amount of investment required.
  • Job listings must be for bona fide openings and state type of work offered. Ads for job information must indicate in the ad what the customer will receive. Ad cannot claim “now hiring” if only job information will be provided and actual positions available are not advertised. Ad must state if there is a fee to receive job information. If approved, ads for job information will be placed under “Job Information” category and not the “Help Wanted” category.
  • No 900 number ads or 800 number ads that refer to a 900 number.
  • No weight loss, suppressant or nutritional supplements ads.
  • No quick-fix credit or money-to-lend ads.
  • Political advertising for individual candidates running for public office or parties is not allowed. However, an ad for notice of caucus is permissible.
  • Adoption ads require a letter from an attorney.
  • No sexual enhancement, psychic, or astrology ads accepted.