2020 NDNA Better Newspaper Contest Winners

Everywhere, everyone has faced unusual twists and turns because of the pandemic. For NDNA, that played out particularly in the cancellation of our annual convention, which necessitated new ways for elections and presenting Better Newspaper Contest Awards.

The elections were held digitally, and now it’s time to unveil our virtual awards presentation. Drum roll, please! There are two ways for you to find this year’s awards. See the links below for the traditional winners lists (rich text format or PDF), or see the digital presentation link below for an interactive format. Congratulations to all the winners in all the categories, and thanks to our judges from South Dakota.

Some of the programs and presentations that would have been done at the convention will be folded into an expanded version of the Witham Symposium on Excellence in Newspapers, to be held the first weekend in November in Bismarck. We hope to see you there!

A few extra notes:


THANK YOU, KAREN! We wish we could have given Karen Speidel a proper send-off as she completed her year as president of NDNA. But since we can’t do it in person and in public, here’s our virtual thanks, complete with a copy of the caricature given with our deep gratitude. We can’t blame her for the pandemic, but we can credit her with helping the association through it. Thanks for your leadership. Click HERE to send her your personal thanks.

• Longevity pins were mailed this week to all who requested, excluding the 50 Year Club members (who will receive their recognition at the Witham Symposium in November). See the recipient list here.

• All awards will be mailed or delivered the week of May 4. The Sweepstakes awards however will be delayed a bit since the vendor for those awards is in Pennsylvania, and they are still experiencing stay-at-home orders, but are optimistic they'll be back to work in May, and are hopeful we will have our awards sometime in June. We will get those out to the winners as soon as we receive them.

And finally, the CONTEST WINNERS!

Again, if you are interested in viewing or downloading the winners lists, please click a link below to view the winner information in your browser, or right-click on the link to save a copy to your computer. 

This year, we have done something a little different for the awards presentation and we hope you can share with your entire staff. With this year's style of presentation, you can watch from start to finish by using the arrows at the bottom of the presentation window, or by using the arrows on your keyboard. There is also the option to click on just the division you are seeking (News, Photography, Advertising, or Special). You can also select a particular circulation group or the "extras" listed once you enter a division.


Winners Lists: Rich Text Version

Winners Lists: PDF Version

2020 NDNA Better Newspaper Contest Awards Presentation
(For work done in 2019. Tip: First click on the blue "Present" box/arrow, then click on the double arrows at bottom right to maximize the presentation viewing window size.)